Technology Sabha | 23rd Edition

Lessons in E-Governance Leadership
From The
Innovators, Creators and

From Aadhaar to Digilocker, India has created a series of scalable technology platforms that have no parallel in the world. Aadhaar is already the world’s largest biometrics enabled identification initiative, with a real-time authentication infrastructure. Similarly, DigiLocker is now being used by more than 4 million users, while the myGov platform, is now being used by over one million users to interact with the government.

The 23rd edition of Technology Sabha, will showcase e-governance success stories, and highlight how e-governance thought leaders have successfully leveraged technology to build platforms of scale. Best practices and case studies on innovative use of technology in e-Governance, will be shared and discussed.
Organized by the Indian Express Group, Technology Sabha, has since long been India’s premier egovernance Forum; setting the pace for egovernance seminars with leadership dialogues, actionable case studies and best practices, networking opportunities and technology showcases.

The forum gathers under one roof the key Government ICT practitioners and decision makers as they work towards the creation of a more transparent and efficient

Who will attend?

  • Secretary & Senior officials from Department of Electronics
    and Information Technology, Govt of India & prominent
    members from the NeGP
  • IT Secretaries from major states
  • egovernance heads from State Government
  • IT Heads from various government nodal bodies
  • IT Heads from various departments of states
  • IT Heads from Defence
  • IT Heads from Railways




Attendees: 100+ Senior Government IT leaders from across India [Central, States,
Defence, Railways] involved in policy making, procurement and implementation of
technology within the government


When: February 22nd – 24th, 2018
Where: Marriott, Indore


Express Technology Sabha encompasses Learning (expert speakers, panel discussions,
case studies, power discussions and best practices in e-governance), Technology Showcase
(Exhibition), pre-fixed peer to peer Networking & relationship building, all of which are part of this prestigious e-Governance forum.