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Express Technology Sabha

Technology is central to enabling change. Digital India, the umbrella programme covering many government departments, aims to ensure that people in all parts of the country can access a range of government services through electronic means. The initiative seeks to connect rural areas through high-speed Internet networks and ensure that there is digital literacy for all.

The three core components of the Digital India initiative include:

Creation of digital infrastructure
Delivery of services digitally
Digital literacy

The eGovernance initiatives that will be launched under the umbrella of the Digital India programme will lead to much needed transparency, which is the cornerstone of the e-Inclusive Governance Framework. There will be rise in the number and scope of the citizen centric e-Services and every section of the society will have online access to a range of essential services.

In this backdrop, the theme for the 17th Edition of Express Technology Sabha is:

Achieving the Vision of Digital India

This edition of the Express Technology Sabha is focussed on facilitating sharing of knowledge that will lead to speedy achievement of the vision of Digital India.

Organised by the Indian Express Group, Express Technology Sabha, since its inception as India’s premier eGovernance Forum, has been setting new benchmarks in e-Governance seminars through leadership dialogues, exciting case studies & best practices, peer-to-peer networking opportunities and technology showcases. The Sabha aims to gather key practitioners of ICT within the government to deliver a more transparent and efficient governance mechanism.

The 17th Edition of Express Technology Sabha will be held at Hyderabad (from February 12th – 15th, 2015), where we aim to touch new heights with a congregation of who’s who from the government sector.

Express Technology Sabha has consolidated its position as a niche Forum for senior government IT leaders and their peers to exchange ideas, assimilate concepts and share knowledge on varied technology issues that are significant and unique to the community. The 3-day residential conference will also explore new trends and innovations that are transforming strategic priorities and enabling superior e-governance programmes that add value to the citizens.


Attendees: 100+ Senior Government IT leaders from across India [Central, States, Defence, PSUs & Nodal agencies] involved in policy making, procurement and implementation of technology within the government

When: February 12 – 15, 2015
Where: Hyderabad, INDIA

Express Technology Sabha encompasses Learning (Expert speakers, power panel discussions, case studies, focused power discussions and best practices in e-governance), Technology Showcase (Exhibition), Pre-fixed peer to peer Networking & relationship building (gala dinners, excursions & entertainment), all of which have become the hallmark of this prestigious e-governance forum.

The Organisers

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