Express Technology Sabha

With the Indian government aggressively promoting India as a digital powerhouse backed by technology, India is at the cusp of a huge wave of transformation. From creating specialized mobile apps for making governance better to launching digital lockers and connecting close to 2.5 lakh gram panchayats of the country by next year, the vision of the Indian government to create a digital backbone is ambitious and unprecedented.

The ‘Digital India’ initiative has truly taken the nation and eGovernance to a completely different level. At the Indian Express Group, we are excited to be part of this huge transformation, and have hence unamiously decided to keep the theme for the 19th edition of the Express Technology Sabha as:

Co-creating A Digital India; Leveraging Technology to make India Smart

As the theme indicates, the 19th Express Technology Sabha will focus on how government and businesses can jointly leverage technology to fulfill the vision of a Digital India.

Topics to be covered are:

  • Smart Electronic Service Delivery
  • Moving beyond eGov: Embracing mobile (mGov)
  • Re-skilling India for fulfilling the dream of Digital India
  • Smart Cyber Security for Safer Cities, including Video Crime Monitoring
  • Bridging The Digital Divide – Broadband for all
  • Technologies for Smart Water and Energy Management
  • Technologies for Intelligent Traffic Management Systems

The 19th Express Technology Sabha offers informative presentations, stimulating panel discussions and networking sessions, to facilitate the understanding and implementation of IT Best Practices for smart governance.

Organised by the Indian Express Group, Express Technology Sabha, has since long been India’s premier eGovernance Forum; setting the pace for eGovernance seminars with leadership dialogues, actionable case studies & best practices, networking opportunities and technology showcases. The Forum gathers under one roof the key Government ICT practitioners and decision makers as they work towards the creation of a more transparent and efficient governance mechanism.

The 19th Edition of Express Technology Sabha will be held at Kochi (from Feb 18 – 21, 2016). The 3-day residential conference will explore new trends and innovations that are enabling superior e-governance programmes that add value to citizens.

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