In this edition, Technology Sabha will feature thought leaders who have undertaken some of the best Government to Government, Government to Citizen, and Government to Business initiatives taken by various departments. Topics that will be discussed include:

  • Leveraging technology to build platforms of scale
  • Capacity planning: How to use emerging technologies to plan for the digitized era
  • Role of analytics and IoT to transform service delivery
  • Bolstering cyber security: How to build capabilities now for defending your department now
    and prepare for the future
  • Best practices and case studies on innovative use of technology in e-Governance
  • Best practices from specific technology led initiatives in central MMPs such as Income Tax, Post,
    Pasport, and state MMPs such as agriculture, healthcare, education, public distribution,
    road transport, crime tracking
  • Compliance planning: Preparing IT systems to be compliant with new regulations (Example, GST)